Friday, January 25, 2013

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick and Fergie for Wet n Wild

Smashbox's Honey has been one of my most worn lipsticks of all time. It seems like I finally found the perfect nude to go with my skin color. My current tube is almost over so I've been wanting to repurchase. Before heading over to Sephora, I decided to stop by the drugstore. I had been looking at the Wet n Wild lipsticks and there was one that seemed to jump at me. I had to take the shade Bebot Love. As it turns out, this could be a dupe for the Smashbox lipstick (almost! I've never been good at picking out dupes).

The shades are pretty similar. I would say Honey has a warmer undertone where Bebot Love has a cool pink undertone. However, the finishes and feel of the lipsticks are very different. Bebot Love has almost a matte finish while Honey has sheen finish. The texture on the Smashbox lipstick is also a lot creamier than the Wet n Wild. Even though it's not an exact dupe of the shade, I don't regret buying it. The matte finish does make it easier to wear and the staying power is a bit better.

Do you like looking for make-up dupes? Which one is your favorite?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Beauty Bits

This Christmas I got some pretty nice beauty bits. I didn't get anything to big, but they're some that I have fallen in love with pretty quickly.
  • Rose Scented Soap- I got this from my mom and dad. Its packaging has to be one of the most adorable things I've seen. The little keepsake box is filled with different stamps and icons from the city of Paris and it's also a music box! It plays Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. The soap is also pretty impressive. The scent is absolutely gorgeous. 
  • L'Bel Essential Make Up Remover- This is one the best make up removers I've tried. It's very gentle and removes my toughest make up with just 2 swipes. It is also very moisturizing on skin and leaves my skin feeling pretty smooth.
  • Precision Blending Sponge- I found this at TJ Maxx for $6 and decided to give it a try since everybody was raving about the Beauty Blender sponge(which I believe to be outrageously expensive). I don't know if there's any difference between this one and the original, but it does what it needs to do. It makes blending foundation a no brainer while concealing the look of pores. 
  • The Body Shop's Lily Cole Lip & Cheek Dome- My best friend Ivonne got me this one and I've been using it since I got it. It's in the shade Crazy for Coral which is a gorgeous and very natural shade. Even though it's such a pretty shade, I find it suits my cheeks better than my lips so I've been using it as a blusher. I like that it has a very creamy texture so it blends into the skin marvelously.

Friday, January 11, 2013

From eyes to nails

I haven't quite forgotten about my new year's resolutions just yet and in the interest of keeping them, I've been looking for ways to use up my beauty products. After getting my Naked palette, all of my other shadows have taken the back seat. However I do have some greatly pigmented and very unique loose eyeshadows that I can't bear to part with. To try to save them I've been using them on my nails and I thought it would be nice to show you guys how.

In case I want to create a one time unique color, I mix clear coat and eyeshadow on a plastic plate until all of the pigment is incorporated. Then I use a clean nail polish brush to apply to nails. For a more permanent solution, try emptying the eyeshadow into the top coat bottle and give it a nice shake.

For a different look I apply some top coat to the nail and before it dries I use a make up sponge to stipple in the eyeshadow.

What are your favorite ways to repurpose beauty products?

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Beauty Resolutions

It's the first week of january and everyone knows it's resolution time. I've never been someone who makes a gigantic lists of resolutions and even less one gigantic resolution. I've always thought that keeping a small list of manageable resolutions was the trick to being successful. It's a lot easier to stay encouraged when you're able to see some changes and if you share these with other people that have similar interests. So in this spirit, I give you my beauty resolutions for this year.

What are your beauty resolutions for the new year?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Best of Craftstyle 2012

After a much needed break over the holidays and some quality time with the family, I decided it was time to reflect on 2012. I had promised that I would work harder to produce post for the blog and I managed to keep it up for a quite a while. Unfortunately, this last semester was brutal(the worst in all my time in college) and this blog suffered a little. I still had a great time writing and thinking up of new posts. Hopefully 2013 will be different and full of wonderful new things. Anyways, here's a look back at my favorites from last year.

Monday, December 17, 2012

For the compulsive cosmetics gal

Gifts under 50 for the compulsive cosmetics gal

Buried under all my schoolwork, I hadn't realized that Christmas is upon us. I'm not so much for receiving gifts as I am for giving them, so every year I have fun creating gift lists and guides for my friends. This particular occasion I've decided to start with cosmetics, because I believe it's the easiest one. Make up stores this time of year are filled with value sets and it has been my personal experience that these are always a good buy. There's also a great variety of sample and travel sizes that are perfect for stocking stuffers. Here's what caught my eye this season:

1. Tarte's Fantastic Foursome 12 hour Amazonian Clay Blush set($39)- This has been one of the most impressive sets I've seen in a while. Each blush can run up to $24 by itself and here you have a selection of the 4 most popular shades for only $39. The pigmentation in these is incredible and the lasting power is superb!

2. OCC Lip Tars Set($50/$16 if you buy individually)- If you're looking for a vegan lipstick that just won't quit, then you have to get your hands on these. The selection of shades and the color payoff are great.  

3. Korres Lip Butter Collection($19)- These have been going around the blogger community for a quite a while and I found them quite interesting. They offer a very sheer color and some of these have a really lovely scent.

4. Urban Decay's Basic Naked Palette($27)- This palette is supposed to be the matte companion to the very famous Naked and Naked2 Palette. I think this is a perfect palette for someone who is in a more professional setting and needs something clean and classic.

5. Origins Minis($10-$17)- Origins has been a very sought after skincare brand recently, and the fact that they offer smaller versions of their most popular products is definitely a plus.  

Friday, October 12, 2012

Organizing and De-cluttering

I've been on a mission to organize my make up collection and de-clutter my dresser. If you're anything like me, you just line up your products on the dresser. Now what happens when the products don't fit in your dresser? You start stuffing them into a random drawer. After you realize that you're dresser looks like a hot mess and you can't find anything in that random drawer, you go on an emergency organizing spree. Luckily I was able to find a very cute organizer from Tokidoki on sale at Sephora. It has been my miracle worker. It has 4 divisions: a detachable make up bag, some elastic loops for brushes, 2 joined pockets for smaller things, and a zippered pocket.

Isn't it adorable?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Review: Maybelline 24H Tattoo Eyeshadow

Maybelline 24H Tattoo Eyeshadow in Tough as Taupe
Left: Blended with a brush |  Right: Swatched with finger

There was a lot of buzz surrounding these eye shadows and they were being compared left and right to MAC's Paint Pots.  I've never tried the MAC Paint Pots, so I can't really comment on that. At the moment of buying this I was just looking for a nice cream eyeshadow. I was very surprised with this one. The formula is very creamy and can just as easily be used with a brush or with your fingertips. The color payoff is great, but with this particular shade I feel that the name is a bit off. I see this shadow as being more of a light grey than a taupe color. The most remarkable feature of this shadow is the lasting power. While I cannot testify to it lasting 24 hours (I find that a bit odd), I can say that this lasts from when I put on my make up till I take it off. Overall, I would say that these are great cream shadows regardless of whether they are similar to the MAC ones. I'm looking forward to trying some other shades, particularly Bad to the Bronze.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hair Care Routine

L'oreal Ever Pure Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Tresemme Nourishing Rituals Rejuvenating Mud Masque and ArganMagic Nourishing Hair Cream
 Not too long ago I noticed my hair was looking pretty dull and fried. I kept trying to control my hair using product after product and my hair did not take kindly to that. I learned my lesson. Hair that's unhealthy is more likely to frizz. Piling on product after product only managed to dry my hair out even more so I decided to change my routine: 

  • L'oreal Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner- I decided to switch to sulfate-free because these are gentler on hair. I really like this combination. The shampoo has a floral scent while the conditioner has a peppermint scent and when they mix together they smell amazing. I specially the fact that the shampoo is very creamy, because I haven't actually tried one with that kind of consistency. I haven't noticed anything outstanding, but they do a good job keeping my hair moisturized. 
  • Tresemme Nourishing Rituals Rejuvenating Mud Masque- I started using this every week. What I do is I wash my hair and replace my conditioner for this masque. After using it for almost a month, I think it really has helped to hydrate my hair, smooth it, and give it a nice amount of shine.
  • ArganMagic Nourishing Hair Cream- There's been a lot of rave lately about the wonders of Argan oil and I was very curious to try it. I must say that this product takes the cake! Every time I use it my hair looks healthy and shiny. It has a very nice citrus fragrance and a nice consistency. It's a very thick cream that you apply to all of your hair and comb through (combing it is a necessity, if not you end up with patches of this stuff over your hair). When I wear this I don't have to worry about frizz, it keeps my hair in place and it remains soft and manageable. 
What are your tips and tricks for healthy hair? 

Friday, September 14, 2012

D.I.Y: Galaxy Print T-shirt

I've been looking at some galaxy print stuff on the internet for a while now. Even though I've been oddly transfixed by the stuff, I haven't been able to commit to buying a piece. I find that most things are ridiculously overpriced (last item I checked was a pair of leggings that went for a whopping 80 pounds!). Knowing this I set out on a mission to find a good tutorial. I couldn't help but noticed that most tutorials use bleach to create the effect. I didn't really like this technique because I think that handling the bleach is pretty complicated, one wrong move and your clothes disintegrate.  After experimenting for a while, I realized that you can create a very similar effect just using fabric paint, a sponge, and some very clever blending.

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