Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweet escape

These past few weeks have been very tough and unfortunately I've been neglecting this baby.The reason that I started this blog is very personal. Currently I'm in my first year of architecture school and well it's a very draining experience not only mentally and physically but also emotionally. Well it really didn't seem like the right time to start a blog but well I started it. Now why do I have a fashion blog if I'm studying architecture? Well the answer is that what I really want to study is fashion design. The universities in Puerto Rico don't offer a bachelor's degree in fashion design so I'm hoping a degree in architecture will help get a basic start in design. My future goal is to finish my degree and move to New York. Once I move to New York, I'll start working on a fashion design degree. Now the purpose of this blog is to remind me of my goals and to prevent me from losing sight of what really inspires me. I'm trying to somehow channel all my extra creativity here. Well now that I got that off my chest let's move on to something more interesting.... shoes!!!

It seems like these days everybody has cooler shoes than I do so I have decided to put together a little wish list.Hopefully, I can save up enough money to score one of these babies. Since it's almost winter boots are a definite must even though it's hot as hell here( I still wear boots because I love them).
The Zoe boot by Sam Edelman
I didn't know, but these shoes are actually look-a-likes of a Balenciaga boot. And well they look pretty close to the originals even though they're half the price(they're around $200).

The Lita by Jeffrey Campbell
I must say that after seeing these shoes all over the internet I have grown to love them. I like the chunky heel because I think it gives it a retro feeling and after reading all the comments on how comfortable these shoes are they have definitely made me think twice about them.

The Balenciaga Cut-Out Boot 
I have saved the best for last. I think these boots have the perfect combination of edgy and modern. I'm absolutely crazy about these boots but not about the price (they're around $1,000...sigh). There are look-a-likes out there but they don't really compare. Jeffrey Campbell has a similar style called the Roscoe but it's shape is slightly square.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

D.I.Y: Vintage Inspired Earrings

It's very hard to find nice thrift  or vintage stores in Puerto Rico, so I decided I was going to find a way to create vintage inspired pieces. I've been looking at vintage patterns to hopefully be able to sew some of my own pieces but I decided it was best to start small. I think that vintage inspired earrings were the best starting point. I found a very easy way to create vintage inspired earrings using assorted buttons. Here's what you'll need:
  • buttons 
  • earring pieces(you can find them at most craft stores and they usually have the back and closing part) 
  • cutting tool or pliers 
  • hot glue gun 

    • With the cutting tool or the pliers cut the back of the buttons. There's also a specific tool you can buy but any good set of pliers should do the trick. Make sure you cut the back of button completely or else the back of the earring won't lay flat.   
    • Put a drop of hot glue a little bit off center towards the top of the button. I used to glue in the center of the buttons, but then I noticed that the buttons didn't lie quite as flat on the ear as earrings normally do. You should be very careful when gluing because once the glue dries it's very hard to remove the piece.  Make sure to remove the excess glue.

    Voila!! Wait for the glue to dry and wear your cute button earrings.  


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