Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!!

Time to say goodbye to 2011. It's been a year full of tough challenges and wonderful achievements. I'm extremely grateful for all the opportunities I've received. Hopefully this new year will provide even more opportunities for everyone. 
Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

D.I.Y: Simple holiday gift idea

 There's a way to get gifts for all of the fashionistas in your life without breaking the bank. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. These simple bracelets look elegant and can be worn separately or stacked. Here's what you'll need:

  • metallic beads 
  • clear beads
  • assorted black and grey small beads 
  • elastic cord
  • scissors
1. Measure the elastic cord using your wrist. Make sure you leave 2 extra inches so it'll be easier to tie the ends. 
2. Layout your pattern and string the beads. 
3. Tie the ends.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Wishlisht

Make up wishlist

Make up wishlist

I've been so busy with school work that I haven't had time to think about what I would like for Christmas. I'm not really a big make up junkie but once I do find something I really enjoy I make a really big deal out of it. I would say that the top item on my wishlist is the Naked Palette from Urban Decay. My friend tried it on me and I fell in love. I like this palette so much because it's very versatile. It has a variety of matte and glittery eyeshadows that can be used for soft natural make up or for more dramatic smokey eyes. Second on my wishlist are the three cheek and lip stains from Benefit. I chose all three because they're all such wonderful shades. I'm incredibly obssessed with lip stains because they're so long lasting. I'm very no fuss and I hate reapplying make up so long lasting make up is a must for me.The last item is Miss Dior cherie perfume. This one has such a soft delicate scent. I would also describe it as very feminine and sweet.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mini Haul

I've worked insanely hard this semester and I think a little Christmas present is in order. Lately I've been obsessed with accessories in bold prints and I was lucky enough to find some animal print oxfords on sale for only $17. They were so freaking adorable that I just had to buy them.  I think that these shoes will add the right amount of pop to any outfit. Since the pattern is so bold, I've been thinking of pairing them with more monochromatic outfits. I can't wait to wear them, but it hasn't stop raining.
Animal Print Oxfords from Pac Sun

A few weeks ago I also got some lip products. My lips tend to dry up easily so I'm always on the look out for tinted lip balms. The one I got is from Hard Candy and it's in the shade Starfish. I was very drawn to this shade because I think it is very subtle for a coral shade. Since I don't like to wear bold make-up for school, this one works perfectly for me. I got another coral shade, but this one is a lipstick. It's from Model Co's Satin Lip Couture in the shade Coral. This shade tends to be a bit more of the pink side and it has a very light sheen.

Hard Candy's Tinted Lip Balm in Starfish and Model Co's Satin Lip Couture in Coral

Along with the lip products I purchased two nail polishes. The first one is Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Gray. I was really drawn to this shade because I've been looking for a very understated matte gray. I think this shade looks very elegant and polished, so it would be one of my first choices for any job interview or formal event. The other nail polish is NYC's Long Wearing Enamel in Plaza Plumberry. This one is a very rich and luxurious dark plum. I think dark plums are a great alternative to black nail polishes since they still add an air of mystery and elegance to nails.
Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Gray and NYC's Long Wearing Nail Enamel in Plaza Plumberry

The End of the Semester

Yesterday I finished the hardest class of all: design workshop. After putting so many hours of effort (and two sleepless days right before the hand-in) my final project was ready. I couldn't have been more excited for this one. I had to design a lighting fixture based on the designs of Zaha Hadid. I had been obsessing over her work lately and it was an absolute thrill to find out that she was my chosen inspiration. It was such a challenging project right from the start, from picking the materials to setting up the lighting system. I created a set of three lamps made from strips of white poster board and I'm so excited about the results that I just needed to share them with you guys.


After all of the hard work, I look back and I'm surprised. Never in my life I thought I could accomplish all of the things I've done during this semester. It was tough and there were a couple of meltdowns on the way but it was all worth it. I'm finally sure that this is the career path I want to follow.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Embrace the curls

This holiday season toss aside your blowdryer and flat iron because curls are the new spring trend. So if you have natural curly hair don't be afraid of letting your curls loose. Some of the looks included very defined curls and others had very soft barely there waves.

Shiny and sleek curls at Prada

Big barrel curls and lots of volume at Anna Sui 
Loose curls at Elie Saab

Images via
Maintaining natural curly hair can be quite a task. I've struggled with it for many years, but after countless hits and misses I've finally learned how to take care of it. I've learned how to embrace it instead of trying to turn it into something it wasn't. It's very hard to find useful beauty advice in regards to this and well I've had to figure somethings out on my own. This is why I decided to share all of my findings.

1. Don't wash your hair everyday. Curly hair is naturally dry and needs plenty of moisture. If you wash your hair everyday, you're taking away essential oils that can lead to over drying, frizz, and split ends. If you can't go a day without washing your hair, I suggest using a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate-free shampoo cleanses without the use of foam and harsh chemicals. As for conditioner, I recommend leave-in conditioners. These provide and extra bit of moisture and make styling a lot easier. You can also use regular conditioners and add weekly deep conditioning treatments. Both of these options provide great results.

2. Don't use hair brushes or style your hair when dry. Some experts agree that curly hair shouldn't even be styled. Many suggest using your fingers to comb through it. I don't like this method so I use a wide tooth comb. Wide tooth combs tend to separate hair without necessarily breaking it. You'll get more defined curls and minimize breakage.  If I need to fix my hair when it's already dry, I use a little trick. I take a spray bottle and fill it with some leave-in conditioner dissolved with water. I spray a little bit on the area and comb through it.

3. Stay away from styling products that contain alcohol. Hair gels are curly hair's worst enemy. Their high alcohol content dries out hair and leaves it crunchy. Instead of using gels, use hydrating styling cremes or mousses. My favorite products include Tressemés' Flawless Curls mousse and Fekkai's Smooth Hair Cream.

4. The final trick that I picked up was creating little twists with wet hair. Divide your hair into as many sections as you want, it all depends on how big you want your curls to be. After that you divide each section in two and twist them similarly to when you're braiding hair. You should leave it to dry for about 30 to 45 minutes, but don't wait until the hair's completely dry to remove them. If the hair is completely dry, then you can't make any arrangements to them.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Thanksgiving

So this Thanksgiving I had a very nice reunion with my family. It was something very low key, but I still felt the urge to look my best. It was an outdoor event so I chose a flowy top, leggings and boots(you can never go wrong with those). My make-up was pretty simple: some nude eyeshadow, mascara, and blush.

I got this amazing bracelet from my mom's stash.

I'm wearing: 
  • Sheer top from a local boutique 
  • Leggings from Marshalls
  • Black boots from TJ Maxx 
  • Bracelet from Urban Outfitters 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My make-up essentials

Finding the make-up that works right for you takes a lot of trial and error, and even more when you live in a tropical island. With the constant humidity and sunshine it is crucial to find products that won't melt on you and clog your pores. I've decided to put together a list of the products that have worked for me.


 To prep my face, I use 3 products: e.l.f's Tinted Moisturizer, Almay's Clear Complexion Concealer and Powder. This tinted moisturizer has SPF 20 which protects skin from sun damage. It also contains aloe, cucumber, and vitamins. I really like this moisturizer because it provides a good amount of coverage, but it still feels very light on skin. I wear it everyday and it doesn't seem to clog up my pores. After I apply the moisturizer, I use the concealer to cover up any trouble spots like pimples, etc. This concealer also provides a great amount of coverage. The advantage of this concealer is that it also contains salicylic acid which helps dry out pimples. Finally, I apply the powder which also contains salicylic acid. Usually, after wearing these products during the day I see considerable improvements and within a week my face is cleared up.


For my cheeks I use 2 different products: NYX's Rouge Cream Blush in Natural and Hard Candy's Hide & Glow duo cheek tint in Hot Date. I chose these products over powder blushes because they last through the whole day. I don't like having to worry about retouching my make-up so durability is very important for me. NYX's cream blush is an excellent product, but it's not for those who are looking for a quick application. Since it's a cream blush, you need to take some time in order to blend it well. I usually save this one for more special occasions. I prefer to use the Hard Candy cheek tint for daily make-up. What I really like about this product is its versatility, you can wear each shade on its own or combine the two. The application is extremely easy and the shades look great. Since I really like the red shade, I use it as a lip stain also. Normally, I apply a small amount using my fingers and then I use a clear lip balm over it. 


My go-to mascara will always be Benefit's Bad Gal lash. It makes my lashes look really long and full without clumping them up. For daily use I only wear one coat, but for more dramatic looks I tend to wear two coats. For an extremely long lasting eyeliner, you can try Maybelline's EyeStudio gel liner. You apply it with a small angle brush and it will stay on during the whole day. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Go gold or go home!

Things have changed and metallics are not exclusive for nighttime, but some they may still be too bold for daytime. I tend to shy away from bold statements during the day, so I try to look for ways to add or modify them little by little. This time, I've chosen to wear gold nail polish. It makes a bold statement but it's still appropriate for work and school. I'm wearing a white base coat to make sure the color pops and to help it last longer. I painted 2 coats with Sinful Colors shade # 832 "This is It" and 2 coats with shade # 921 "All About You".

White base coat, shade #832, and shade #921

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Everything that shines is gold

The spring season will be one filled with gold. It's everywhere on the runways: accessories, clothes, even makeup and hair.
Alexander McQueen always has absolutely amazing shoes and this season it was no different. Check out this season's golden stunners.
 The season's must have hair accessory is YSL's golden hair cage. On the runway the models wore these with a slicked back bun.

Designers such as Balmain, Gucci, and Robert Cavalli also embraced the gold trend.The designers at Topshop Unique reinterpreted the egyptian theme creating a modern day Cleopatra. Most of the pieces were covered with graphic gold accents. Even the model's hair was slicked back and covered with gold leaf. Topshop's take on the trend is the bolder the better.

Balmain via

Balmain via

Roberto Cavalli via

Prada via

Prada via

Prada via

Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique
The makeup at Fendi was an interesting new take. The model's eyes were covered with gold and silver leaf even covering their eyebrows. Black liner was also added to the inner lids. The creator of this look, Peter Phillips, says he was inspired by the collection's sunglasses.

If you're interested in re-creating this look, you should check out the tutorial by Desi from "The Fashion Skitch" here. Trust me, she's amazing with makeup.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Patterns and Textiles

Since I discovered Lagerfeld's inspiration for the spring 2012 collection was architecture I've been looking for ways to apply what I'm learning towards fashion. I thought it would be a good idea to look at my past projects for inspiration. Recently I had to create a tile design inspired the main library building in campus. After I created the tile I needed to come up with different pattern options and I was very content with the results. I kept looking at the pattern and decided that I wanted to try transforming it into a textile pattern. Since spring will be here soon I thought it would be nice to create a bold pattern. I haven't figured out the exact process I will use to paint the fabric or what I plan to do with the fabric. My first idea was to create a small clutch but I haven't decided yet. After I figure out what to do, I plan to make a d.i.y. about the painting process and sewing the bag. Here are the patterns

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