Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's all in the bag

So you are a serious blogger that recently decided to step up your blog's pictures and finally get that DSLR. You've been playing with it for weeks and you've finally figured out all the awesome features of your new baby. Now that it's time to take your baby out, you realize that all you have to protect is a nylon camera bag. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash on camera bags. However you're a person that's constantly on the move and you need a bag that can offer your camera some protection and still be caught in those fabulous outfit of the day pictures. Handbag designers are well aware of this new need and now skipping out on style for your camera bag is not an option.  For this post I've picked out some of my favorite camera bags. (Hopefully I can commit to buying one of these sometime in the future.)

The Lola bag by Epiphanie $169

It's available in four different colors: red, teal, black, and pink. It features a waterproof synthetic leather exterior. The interior is fully padded and it counts with adjustable velcro panels that can be moved to any position. 

The Brooklyn Camera Bag by ONA $309

This bag is a bit more on the pricey side but I just love the schoolgirl charm it has. It's made with handcrafted and vegetable tanned leather. It has a customizable interior with 3 removable dividers.

Posey 2 Bag by Kelly Moore $169

I really like the sporty aspect of this bag and the fact that it has many sort of built-in pockets for credit cards and such. It also features a waterproof synthetic leather exterior and a fully padded interior with 2 adjustable dividers.

The Georgia Bag by Jo Totes $107

Again I really love that it's a satchel and it has a very cute nautical pattern on it. The exterior is faux leather and canvas and it features plenty of extra pockets for personal items. The interior is completely padded with 3 adjustable dividers.

The Bossi Bag by THEIT  $159(canadian dollars)

I think the quilting on the exterior gives this bag a very classic and put together sort of look and who doesn't like a little Chanel look-a like? It has a water resistant exterior and a fully removable padded insert that lets you choose between camera bag or purse.

Which one is your fave?

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