Friday, January 27, 2012

Starting the Semester with Style

Last week I was strolling through Walmart looking for materials for the next d.i.y.s. I was very surprised to find notebooks from illustrator Jordi Labanda. I had some found of them about 2 years ago, but I didn't find any last year. Just when I was leaving the store, I spotted these. I've always loved looking at fashion illustrations, and this year specifically I want to surround myself with it as much as possible. I've gone crazy creating mood boards and collages for my room and work space because this year my resolution is to stay inspired and take some action. I picked up a bunch of different things and I have many ideas in mind. I just hope I have enough time between school to manage all that.

Older notebooks


  1. Those notebooks are gorgeous! Stationary is definitely my guilty pleasure! I love a good new notebook x

  2. Really cute! I bought all Harajuku lovers notebooks, hehe!


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